Partie de plaisir (Pleasure Party) is one of Sapach’s more finished portfolios, presented in a folder of seventeen circular drawings mounted on pink card, accompanied by two matching explanatory circular devices and a mounted paper cover.

Here the tribute is to the great erotic artist Franz von Bayros, whose work you can see here. Sapach’s cryptic multilingual titles and epigraphs adorn cover, prologue and epilogue: ‘Partie de plaisir (Omnium Consensu); Tutti frutti ad libitum’; ‘Periculum in Mora: Memento Mori. Segui in tuo corso, e lascia dir le gente’; ‘Se non e vero, e ben trovato; sine anno; sans fason, sans gene’.

Pleasure Party (Mutual Consent); Rich Variety as Required; Danger of Death: Reminder of Death. Follow your own course, and let others inform you; If it’s not true it’s well discovered; without a date, without fashion, without embarrassment.

You have been warned. The drawing is not quite up to von Bayros’s standard, but Sapach’s drawings are strong and well-composed.