By the time Zouravliov was commissioned to produce artwork for Eros Comix, the erotic series produced by American publisher Fantagraphics was already ten years old, and included titles by more than two hundred artists, including Giovanna Casotto, Robert Crumb, Francisco Solano López and Toshiki Yui. The two Zouravliov titles produced by Eros in 2000 were called Filth 1 and Filth 2; they did not sell well, partly because they have no coherent narrative and partly because Zouravliov was not yet widely known, so copies are now hard to find.

Beyond the clickbait title, however, these two slim volumes contain some of Zouravliov’s best erotic art, and if taken slowly it is perfectly possible to imagine cohesive storylines through some of the sequences. His stark monochrome and attention to detail encourage careful study, and allow the imagination to roam freely.