We can do no better than reproduce the introduction to the first of six editions of the magazine French Kiss to introduce this selection from La Verdadera Historia de la Humanidad (The True History of Humanity). The last of the numbered series is 48, so only around half have come to light, though we have added several more drawings which appear to be by the same hand. Many of the paintings are so similar in style to those of the French illustrator André Collot that we cannot help but think that Gigi Amaldi must have been familiar with, and influenced by, Collot’s work.

Here is how French Kiss introduced the portfolio:
     The prints you’re looking at are, in their own way, real collector’s pieces. Although we don’t know much about them or Gigi Amaldi, the artist who created them, we’ll try to briefly relate their stories and the circumstances in which they were created. We’re in Argentina, at some point during the 1930s, maybe during the 1940s. During that time, it was common that wealthy landowners and gentlemen of leisure got together for huge parties that frequently turned into orgies. Amaldi, a personal friend of one of the aforementioned gentlemen, drew the scenes on a whim and gave them to the parties’ attendees. One thing after another led to these drawings winding up in our editor’s hands. Despite their purpose being simple playfulness, it only takes one look to see the skill of the unknown hands that crafted them. That’s why we wanted to resurrect them for you to enjoy here. We hope the background  information has been a good introduction, but we’ll leave you be now to enjoy this little morsel of erotic art history, presented exclusively for French Kiss readers!