Bondage Girl, 2013

Diego Tolomelli began to experiment with erotic stained glass in 2007; his work won praise and encouragement from friends and colleagues, so he went on to make more erotic panels. Within a year he was asked to exhibit at Fagoff, a popular queer night project in Rome. The event was hosted in a nightclub, and his work was mounted into purpose-built wall-hung lightboxes. Later that year he was asked to exhibit at Mario Mieli, Rome’s leading LGBT association. Both events attracted a good deal of attention, and he began to be commissioned by private collectors. He made two erotic stained glass panels for the novelist William Maltese, then three large windows for a Scottish collector.

In 2008 Diego was a semi-finalist in the Erotic Signature competition, and plates of his work ‘The Kiss’ were published in The World’s Greatest Erotic Art of Today. A third private erotic stained glass exhibition followed in the Christmas of 2009 at Galleria Ferraro in Rome, and his work also appeared in collective exhibitions at Gallery Mondo Bizzarro, Popcorn, and Circolo Degli Artisti.

He is currently working on a series based on the court cards of a pack of playing cards. The project includes four kings, queens, jacks and aces, as well as a single joker and two stained glass panels representing the reverse side of the cards, in blue and red. The red and blue panels will be created entirely with mouth-blown flash-glass, and will be acid etched.

You can read about Tolomelli’s erotic art projects at his dedicated website, which you will find here.