We can’t be absolutely sure that Épices: Réflexions sur quelques à-côtés de l’amour destinées à des personnes expérimentées (Spices: Thoughts on Various Aspects of Love for Experienced Folk) is by Collot, as the drawings and portfolio are unsigned, but they bear a strong resemblance to the 31 Devises of 1945, and if they are not by Collot they certainly seem designed to look like it. Though the portfolio is dated 1955, there is some evidence from separate prints that at least some date from around 1950, and the humour is typical of the period.

In addition to the 24 hand-coloured plates, and in many ways more interesting and accomplished, there is a matching set of monochrome drawings with extensive remarques, small related drawings surrounding the main image such that each ‘story’ is expanded and contextualised. There are also colour and monochrome versions of another illustration, titled ‘Le petit coin tranquille’ (The quiet little corner), and an original pencil sketch of two nuns and an interested bystander, who may or may not be flashing.

Here are the captions for the 24 illustrations:

     Oh! … pardon (Oops … Sorry!)
     Vous m’aviez juré de rester sage (You promised you’d be good)
     Le renversement (Topsy-turvy)
     Essayez voir (Let’s see you try that)
     Coucou … ou l’erreur de porte (Guess who … or the wrong door)
     Un petit énervé (Shorty’s pissed off)
     Bibite (Double header)
          ‘We just knew M’Lady would take him on’
     L’Echarde (The shard)
     Vite mon ami (Hurry up, dear, while the kids are quiet)
     … les enfants sages (Those kids are very quiet)
     Con fesse (I’ll hear you in confession; con = cunt; fesse = arse)
     Plus fort, chéri! Plus fort, plus fort! (Harder, darling! Harder, harder!)
     Plus de doutes! (No more doubts now!)
     Impatience (Just can’t wait)
     Ersatz (Substitute)
     L’effet produit souvent, et celui que l’on croit produire (The times we made it,
          and the time we thought we had) 
     L’acquisition (The acquisition)
     Nuit de noces (Wedding night)
          ‘Why should I damage my cock?’
     Age de pierre (The Stone Age)
          ‘You should’ve seen me in my twenties …’
     Un garçon émotif (An excitable waiter)
     Pêche à la truite (Trout fishing)
          ‘Look, honey, I’ve caught a whopper’
     Monsieur le Baron est cocu (Monsieur le Baron is a cuckold)
     La vengeance du man (The husband’s revenge)
          ‘I said keep it up for four hours’

Épices was privately published 'Pour un groupe de bibliophiles’ in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.