It was probably while studying in Europe that Carlos Enríquez came across Pietro Aretino’s Sonetti Lussuriosi, also known as I Modi or ‘The Positions’. Aretino’s Sonetti Lussuriosi the subject of a Themes and Topics entry which you can find here. It seems surprising that so few modern illustrators have revisited what was for centuries a key erotic text, but Enríquez was clearly impressed by Renaissance artist Marcantonio Raimondi’s classic sexual variants at a time when Enríquez was clearly very interested in sex himself.

These freely-drawn ink sketches over pencil outlines follow Raimondi’s lead in their explicit depiction of the possible permutations of intercourse, but taking them even further in their graphic depiction of exaggerated genitals.

In his Sonetti Lussuriosi Carlos Enríquez lets absolutely everything hang out.