One of Salvatore Bruno’s artistic trademarks is to surround many of his finished drawings with a brightly-coloured crayon frame, hence the title of this portfolio, ‘Incorniciato’ or ‘Framed’. The frame both highlights and contrasts with the content of the drawing, leading us into the action or detail, making us concentrate on the subject within the frame rather than the wider, more conventional, erotic image. The emphasis on detail can be disconcerting or titillating, and encourages the viewer to take on the role of voyeur, quite likely reminding them of situations where they have been in similar intimate encounters themselves.

As a reminder that the artist is an active participant in the process of creating a drawing, Bruno sometimes includes his own hand outside the frame, and in the last few drawings even the tools of his trade, the pencils, crayons and pencil sharpeners.

Metro di Valutazione (Taking the Measurement), 2010