Piaceri Condivisi (Shared Pleasures) is the perfect complement to the solo options in Piaceri Solitari.

As with all her work, these artworks are clearly autobiographical, expressing in line and colour what Castelli finds easier and more direct to paint than to put in writing. As she explains, ‘For me they are an archive of experiences lived in a very intense and passionate moment of my life, and I am sure that over the years the memory of this great love will stay alive through the paintings.’

Frida Castelli has a particular skill in depicting the three-dimensional texture of skin, and her intimate, close-up studies pull the viewer right into the sensual experience of the encounter. Part of the impact, which clearly resonates with her audience, is the suggestion and imagination of what is not included in the image itself, allowing each viewer to connect Castelli’s experiences with similar situations in their own intimacies.