Piaceri Vari (Miscellaneous Pleasures) is a category for Frida Castelli’s artworks which do not fit neatly into the categories of shared intimacy or solo pleasuring. Many of them are more recent images, as she appears to be exploring a wider range of symbols and metaphors for sensual intimacy.

When asked in a recent interview whether her artistic endeavour is intended to fit into any particular timeframe, Castelli replied ‘I've often thought about this, but I can’t give a precise answer. I can hypothesise that since my drawings tell my story, if the story ends realistically the drawings will too, but only time will tell.’

In her latest set of images, posted on Facebook, she is considering intimacy in a wider context than one-to-one human connection; hence we have symbols including a Hokusai Japanese-style wave, a volcano, a bush in full leaf, and a shadowy form studded with stars. As she develops as both a person and an artist, Castelli is clearly thinking about the wider context of love. When asked whether she believes in exclusive romantic monogamy, she tellingly replied ‘I believe in love and mutual respect. I don’t consider monogamy a test of love, rather a useless sacrifice destined to fail.’