Book of the Utopian Erotic features Alphachanneling’s collected work from 2013 to 2017, the period during which his work was garnering rapidly growing online interest. As well as a broad selection of his drawings and paintings, the book also treats the reader to a new age interpretation of erotic exploration, in prose which can be seen either as divinely inspired or spiritual waffle depending on the inclination of the individual.

Thus the Sexual Journeying section begins, ‘In the altered states of eroticism, it’s possible to journey through a cosmology of different dreamtimes. It is a sexual odyssey transporting lovers through sublime realms – like the heart spaces of emotional connection, the psychic merging together through synchronised sensation, or the alchemical music of energetic harmonisation. Sometimes the journey passes into bliss, the spiritual dissolution of duality, where for extended moments the self is evaporated into the now, identity becomes impossible to locate because attention is so fully consumed by the experience of physical presence.’

We have included around half of the images from Book of the Utopian Erotic; the book itself can be obtained directly from Alphachanneling’s website.