Reflection (отражение), 2019

Etchings by Sergei Trubin are a complex phenomenon. The etching technique is rightly considered one of the most difficult in fine arts, and does not tolerate amateurs. It is particularly complex when the subject matter is erotica, which requires from the artist both an impeccable taste and an absolute individuality. To avoid hypocrisy or banality is not easy, even for a sophisticated and experienced master, and Sergei Trubin achieves this objective most admirably.

Etchings like The Tour and Phases of the Moon, with the spatial-tonal accents and well-developed details, are close to the traditions of classical engraving. The reverberating, almost poster-like aesthetics in Girlfriends and Girl with a Goat look sharp and modern. Echo and Reflection have a charming sophisticated romanticism, remarkable in their rhythmic tension and the exquisite tonal development of the dual-figured composition.

Against the backdrop of senseless decorative tendencies that permeate contemporary graphics, the creative work of the artist Sergei Trubin is emotionally honest and open, having its own voice and its own intonation.