In 2023 the combined publishing divisions of Glénat in France and Lo Scarabeo in Italy joined forces to produce two new Serpieri albums, one just of Druuna lookalikes titled Eros, and one of more explicit sex, appropriately titled XXX as a follow-up to Druuna X and Druuna X2.

Both albums are very clearly put together from scouring Serpieri’s archive for previously unpublished work, together with a few scattered quotations from classic erotic texts and a short essay or two. Thus Eros has a florid piece by Daniele Bevilacqua tracing the links between Druuna and other fictional characters, and a more academic essay by Stefano Priarone looking at the tradition of stylised romantic love in comics and film.

For Druuna fans this is a welcome collection, but it does make the reader wonder whether Serpieri’s imagination is a little limited when it comes to ideas about female beauty.