One of the earliest Hugdebert erotic comics, Les reines rouges (The Red Queens), is set at the end of the sixth century, when power in Gaul was divided between two women vying for supremacy in the Frankish empire.

Frédégonde is a splendid and perverse slut with insatiable ambition, who rises to the rank of queen regent of Neustria after the assassination of her husband Childeric. Brunehaut, queen regent of Austrasia, is noted for her beauty and benevolence, but when faced with an adversary like Frédégonde quickly becomes as devious, implacable and terrifying as her foe.

Along with a supporting cast including Little Wolf, Minnhild, and Gregory of Tours, the two queens use every ruse in their violent and erotic grasp to cling on to power.

Les reines rouges shows Berteloot developing his graphic skill and ability to draw characters in convincing sexual encounters.