As well as regular exhibitions, from 1998 to the present, though less frequently in recent years, Yamamoto’s work has been reproduced in high quality limited edition books, published by the specialist Japanese/European publisher Treville. Yamamoto does not produce very much commercial work, so showcases his art in this series of remarkably produced books, which are printed on heavy paper with linen covers and a die-cut slipcase.

Treville and Yamamoto have been producing these books in near-identical format for two decades, creating an amazing collection. Each book showcases Yamamoto’s newest work, and explores a theme reflected in its title. We have given this combined portfolio the telling title from his 2011 collection; here are details of all his books published with Treville:
   1998     Scarlet Maniera
   2002     Altar of Narcissus
   2004     Allure of Pharmakon
   2006     Divertimento for a Martyr
   2008     Rib of a Hermaphrodite
   2010     Coffin for a Chimera
   2011     Necrophantasmagoria
   2014     Glass Labyrinth
   2018     Nosferatu

Most of Yamamoto’s portfolios are out of print and much sought after, but the more recent ones are still available from Éditions Treville, whose Yamamoto page can be found here.