On Andu Avasilinei’s Saatchi Art page, which you can see here, he sets out his aims in the following artist statement:

I like playing at the fine border between the moral and immoral, between instinct and sex, proposing shocking subjects with the intention of changing the points of view and challenging my viewers actively to respond emotionally. I paint on a large canvas, as I believe the image I create must subdue the spectator, it must have the power to place them in the universe I propose, where they are powerless and must endure.
     Every exhibition is a social experiment. I care deeply for the thinking process that my art generates in the spectator’s mind. It is very important that those who enter the exhibition room should be affected at a deep human level, that nobody should leave the exhibition room indifferent to the subject I have proposed. I deem this my personal visiting card.
     My working method is almost always based on projects made of a series of paintings, drawings, and sometimes sculptures that I elaborate upon my vision of a subject. Coherence can also be considered a characteristic of my art.
     As a visual artist, I consider myself a fine critic of the real world in which we live, which we do not accept, and which we do not assume. My duty is to destroy social masks and expose my personal truth.