Souvenirs volés (Stolen Memories) is the title of the first printed monograph featuring Mirza Cizmic’s work, but is also the perfect title for the overall theme of his work, a series of disturbing family scenes whose deviance cuts through a veneer of normality, where grotesque stacks of characters, objects and animals appear in settings with tapestries and furniture from another age, twisted and disturbing images which bring up reminiscences of apparently normal family life but coloured by drama and war.

Souvenirs volés features nearly fifty of Cizmic’s best images, and is the perfect way of appreciating the quality and thought-provoking subtexts of his work.

Souvenirs volés is published by United Dead Artists, an organisation founded in 2010 by the French artist Stéphane Blanquet, a prolific figure in the contemporary art scene since the end of the 1980s. United Dead Artists publishes monographs, magazines and art objects, and its publications are distributed by Paris-based Les Presses du Réel; you can order Souvenirs volés here.