Two months after the January raid on the London Arts Gallery, the March 1970, Issue 11, of Avant-Garde magazine published some of the John Lennon’s erotic lithographs, three in white on black as in the Bag One series, and two reversed out in white on deep brown. It was titled Wedded Bliss, chosen by John and Yoko.

The magazine had a relatively short run and published only sixteen issues between January 1968 and July 1971. It was a collaboration between editor Ralph Ginzburg and designer Herb Lubalin who, with the help of his wife and assistants, created the Avant Garde font for the magazine.

The text accompanying the images reproduced in the magazine reads:
     With publication of the erotic lithographs on the next five pages, John Lennon, master musician, promoter of peace, and one of the Now Generation’s most inspiring and kaleidoscopic figures, reveals still another of his talents: that of an artist. Avant-Garde is pleased to present this portfolio of lithographs in which John celebrates his love for Yoko Ono. Most of the famous couples of history – Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, Pat and Dick Nixon – have left it to our imaginations to envision them joined in the act of love. But here, for the first time, a pair of famous lovers actually shows us how they express their love for one another. The erotic lithographs reproduced here are part of a larger set of fourteen that John has created and that are now being sold, in a limited edition of 300, by art galleries in New York, London, Paris and San Francisco. The sets are priced at $1,000 each. John has also designed a magnificent white Italian leather carrying bag for each set. His title for the whole package is ‘Bag One’, and he promises that other sets of lithos will follow. It seems as though John Lennon really is into a new bag.