There’s a bar down by the harbour, where Juju, Fanfan, Violette and Framboise hang out with their friends. The bar is stocked with many bottles of coloured spirits made from who knows what, and the shelves display ship models, old glass trawler floats and lifebelts. There’s also a resident cat and a parrot, just as you’d expect. Trans exhibitionists Pamplemousse and Mimosa sometimes turn up, and after hours there’s some rather sweet girl-on-girl activity and even a little light kink. Then everyone goes to bed and dreams of naked orgies down by the sea.

This is the chosen setting for Sylvain Lainé’s erotic world, which cleverly straddles the artistic tradition of painting the denizens of maisons closes – friendly family-run brothels – and a modern tongue-in-cheek take on kitsch male-fantasy representations of bar-dwelling scantily-dressed young women.