Produced just two years before Dubigeon’s death,
when he was in his mid-sixties, these illustrations
for De l’aube à la nuit (From Dawn to Dusk) demonstrate his fascination with the sensual and physical aspects of shared sexuality in his trademark ultra-realistic style. The text, by the prolific French writer and actress Valérie Boisgel writing under the pseudonym Andréa Lafargue, is a short episodic first-person narrative in a style similar to Pauline Réage's Histoire d l’O, describing the experiences of a young woman revelling in the borderlands of sexual risk-taking.

Valérie Boisgel in ‘The Blood Rose’, 1970

Many readers might find Dubigeon’s drawings shocking, even obscene, but his uncompromising style matches the novel’s prose style perfectly, and in his quest to be as honest as possible about the experience of deeply-felt sexuality he gets closer to illustrating that experience than almost every advanced sex manual.