The high-quality privately-published volume L'Éducateur (The Educator) is one of the few clandestine French publications for which nobody, not even the indefatigable erotica cataloguer Jean-Pierre Dutel, has ever been able to identify either author or illustrator. Even ‘De Voulonges’, the supposed author, gives nothing away, beyond an obscure reference to a defunct manor in Vaucluse in south-eastern France. So here it is under ‘Anon’.

The story of how young Minouche discovers the joys of intimacy is predictably though sensitively told, and the illustrations are charming in their naive simplicity. The style is not that of a professional illustrator, but the honesty of the line and delicacy of the colour convey an innocence which complements the text.

L'Éducateur was published ‘aux dépens d'un groupe de bibliophiles’ (at the expense of a group of bibliophiles) in a numbered limited edition of 375 copies.