When Beecher Moore sold his collection of Tom Poulton drawings during the early 1990s, they quickly found their way into print through the auspices of The Erotic Print Society and its editor-in-chief Jamie Maclean. The Society published a large collection of them in a volume entitled The Secret Art of Tom Poulton, which as well as a biography and appreciation of Poulton also included a fascinating introduction to the history of erotic illustration in Britain. The Society followed up with a second collection, Tom Poulton: The Lost Drawings, in 2000.

When the EPS started winding up in the mid 2000s, a new volume of Poulton drawings, again with an introduction by Jamie Maclean, was published by Taschen with the title The Secret Art of an English Gentleman. This rather misrepresents Tom Poulton, who certainly knew about the sex lives of the English establishment, but who was himself something of an unconventional outsider.