Ink is my Blood Volume 3 completes the overview of Apollonia Saintclair’s work up to publication date, so mostly created during 2018. It is interesting to see how her work becomes more complex with time, and the third volume highlights this progression as well as learning from the production experience of previous volumes, so that Volume 3 includes more drawings, more double-page spreads and more editorial content.

Anne Hautecoeur, director of the French erotic publishing house La Musardine, has again contributed a useful introduction placing Saintclair firmly in the tradition of erotic illustration, and Apollonia herself has written a piece herself which, while carefully maintaining her privacy and mystery, explains more about how she came to draw, what nourishes her work, and why she started to showing her drawings to a larger audience.

The portfolio shown here has been selected from Volume 3 by Apollonia as some of her favourites.