Monsieur Paulette et ses épouses; recueil véridique et documenté d'incursions à Montmartre dans un certain monde où la flagellation est hautement en honneur (Monsieur Paulette and his Wives; an honest and well-documented collection of experiences in Montmartre in a world where flogging is held in high esteem) was Louis Malteste’s first contribution to Jean Fort’s popular Collection des Orties Blanches, writing the text as Jacques d’Icy with the illustrations signed with his real name. The sequel, Paulette trahie (Paulette Betrayed), appeared a year later.

Monsieur Paulette shows Malteste at the height of his erotic skills. The text is interesting and fluent, probably mirroring his own experiences of Montmartre brothels, and his illustrations show real women, clearly drawn from life.