Suzanne écuyère; confidences et révelations de la belle Suzanne de X … , sa jeunesse et ses hauts faits dans deux mondes bien différents (Suzanne Esquire; secrets and revelations of the beautiful Suzanne de X … , her youth and her achievements in two very different worlds) is another Jacques d’Icy–Louis Malteste production, again clearly drawing on Malteste’s personal experiences of the Paris demi-monde. Suzanne X is almost certainly modelled on a real woman, the narrative being quite believable.

For Suzanne Esquire, Jean Fort and Malteste chose to reproduce the illustrations in sanguine, a deep blood-red often used in illustrated books in the 1920s and 30s. Only four of the illustrations follow the narrative, the rest being studies of women known to Malteste, several of whom are named.