Quinze ans (Fifteen Years Old) has the subtitle ‘Roman sur la discipline familiale, suivi de quelques lettres sur les châtiments corporels dans l’éducation des jeunes filles, et de Sonia ou la belle étudiante’ (‘A novel about family discipline, followed by a few letters on corporal punishment in the education of young girls, and of Sonia, the good student’). Written by the prolific Pierre Dumarchey, it is the sequel to Miss (1912).

The Orties Blanche 1922 cover

Louis Malteste’s illustrations are very tame compared with much spanking material, but its relative acceptability probably helped the novel reach a wider audience than anything more graphic. Quinze ans was regularly reprinted, the Orties Blanches edition appearing in 1922.

Quinze ans was translated into English with the title Sweet Sixteen, and published in Paris by Librairie Drouin; note that Sonia/Sonya has been made a little older for British sensibilities.