Les filles de Loth, et autres poémes èrotiques (Lot’s Daughters, and other erotic poems), gives its author as ‘Le Vidame de Bozegy’ and its place of publication as ‘Sodome’; the true identity of its author is Edmond Dardenne Bernard, and it was undoubtedly published in Paris. Bernard was not even the original source of much of the text; during the first decades of the twentieth century he was the collector and compiler of the Anthologie hospitalière et latinesque: recueil de chansons de salle de garde, anciennes et nouvelles, entre-lardées de chansons du Quartier Latin, fables, sonnets, charades, elucubrations diverses, etc (A Hospitality and Latin Anthology: a collection of songs from the guard room, old and new, larded with songs from the Latin Quarter, fables, sonnets, charades, various rantings, etc), published in two volumes in 1913; it is from these volumes that the bulk of Les filles de Loth originates.

Collot clearly enjoyed the freedom and inspiration of Bernard’s collection, which includes classic tales like ‘The Examination of Flora’, ‘The Priapic Ode’, and ‘The Bearded Woman’. His witty illustrations combine the erotic with the comic in equal measure.

Les filles de Loth was produced in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.