What makes honesterotica different from other erotica sites

honesterotica deliberately isn’t an ‘adult site’. What would be the point? Any intelligent teenager knows perfectly well how to access anything on the internet, and if they’re searching for ‘sexy pictures’ we’d much rather they found honesterotica than Pornhub!

For a start, you won’t find photographs on honesterotica, let alone videos – it’s all about erotic art and illustration. This is partly because there are other very good sites exploring erotica in photographs, film, theatre and participatory art. And it’s partly because artists and illustrators, especially over the past two hundred years, have produced a rich abundance of wonderful erotic material, much of which was only produced in very small editions or is not easily accessible, and is thus much less well-known than it deserves to be. honesterotica is in part a tribute to their vision, creativity, artistry and integrity. One thing you might be surprised by is the number of women who have tested the boundaries of erotic art and illustration, from early twentieth century illustrators like Gerda Wegener, Clara Tice, Mariette Lydis and Toyen, to artists like Marion Fayolle, Nicole Claveloux and Apollonia Saintclair who are still exploring the genre.

Here are some more important ways in which honesterotica is different from other erotica sites.

Betty Dodson, The Kiss, 1968


Erotic intimacy is all about relationship, with ourselves and with others. In a lot of porn the participants look bored, and hardly ever look at each other. honesterotica is about people having real sensual relationships and very much enjoying each other.


In terms of its violence and impersonality, much of pornography’s relationship with sex is rather like the relationship of war to sport. Where pornography tends to emphasise thrust, domination, achievement and performance, honesterotica is more interested in celebrating warmth, closeness, pleasure and reward.

Mariette Lydis, Decameron, 1935


Erotic imagery, online and in print, rarely includes the context in which the images were created. Fascinating though sites like Pinterest and Flickr are, you won’t find much information about who created the images and when they were created. honesterotica puts every image in context, and you will learn a lot about the artists and their worlds.


We all love a good story, and much of the best erotica has an engaging and believable storyline – that’s probably why Fifty Shades of Grey did so well. Wherever there is a story behind a set of images honesterotica tells you what it is and includes every image from the sequence.

Clara Tice, Aphrodite, 1926


A lot of porn doesn’t deliver because it’s so predictable, always pretty much the same sequence of extended sucking, licking, thrusting in set positions, groaning, rapid masturbation and quick coming. honesterotica’s images include every imaginable way in which shared sensuality can be experienced.


A lot of porn tends to treat people as objects rather than real human beings with feelings and fears and deep desires; the images on honesterotica are nearly all of people who are clearly respecting each other’s wishes and have given delighted permission to be intimate together.

Siné (Maurice Sinet), Erotissiné, 1980


Porn tends to take itself very seriously, and you’ll rarely see anyone smiling, let alone laughing out loud. But sharing bodies is such a weird and wonderful phenomenon that sometimes you just have to laugh together, and many of the images you’ll find on honesterotica are hilarious without being in the slightest disrespectful.