The New York artist Ion Birch is best known for his monochrome graphite on paper works featuring groups of naked people with massively exaggerated genitals, though as well as his in-your-face approach to erotic art he also manages, successfully and often with great humour, to question cultural ideas about power, pleasure and gender dynamics.

Birch attended the Rhode Island School of Design, and after graduating was recognised as a distinctive contributor to erotic art by being included in 2005 in the travelling exhibition ‘Contemporary Erotic Drawing’, which originated at the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum in Ridgefield, Connecticut. He has since had exhibitions throughout the US and Europe including ‘The Young Penis’ at New York’s late-lamented Bellwether Gallery, ‘The Spiraling Sun’ at Freight and Volume Gallery in New York, and ‘Policeworms’ at the Neon Gallery in Brösarp, Sweden.

He lives and works in Brooklyn, and his work is often seen in events such as the New York Erotic Art Fair.

Ian Birch’s Instagram account, where he regularly shows new work, can be found here.

We are very grateful to our friends Danna Wexler and Yuri for suggesting the inclusion of this artist. Our Russian friend Yuri provided most of the images.


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