Given that the tendency in ‘acceptable’ erotic art is to underplay the significance of genitals, Ion Birch is par excellence the proponent of the extreme opposite. Massive cocks and magnificent vulvas are his stock in trade, and the more the merrier.

Where do his ideas come from? As he explains in a short YouTube video that you can see here, ‘They come from my fantasy life, which is much the same as I suppose everybody has. Nature? Culture? Comes to much the same thing if you don’t censor yourself.’ Elsewhere he has said that his work is meditation on the nature of repression, and in the breadth of apparent freedom portrayed in his busy group orgies he certainly breaks through the boundaries of repression.

While Birch’s signature medium is monochrome pencil, more recently he has started to produce more work in colour, which you will find at the end of our selection.

Country and Western Magic Tricks, 2023