The French artist Lulu Amere, an anagrammatic pseudonym of her ‘real’ name Laure Muel, grew up in an artistic household – her mother a painter and her father a sculptor – in the family home in Saint-Cloud in the western suburbs of Paris. After leaving school and a chaotic start to her professional life, she worked first for a major art collector, then as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. But painting was always her driving passion, and after successfully selling her work online for more than a decade, she left Paris to live in Provence in the south of France, where her studio is attached to her house. On a slope of a south-facing mountain she has found a shelter far from city life at the end of a winding mountain goat path, where she lives in the middle of nowhere amid her hens, her dog and her cats.

Fellow artist Piotr Wójcik has written of her work, ‘Her subjects are captured with speed and precision, her brush engages but does not tremble, and only watercolour – one of the most difficult pictorial techniques to master – can translate such purity of shades and such luminosity. Amere’s themes combine innocence and eroticism with seductive and melancholy eyes. Troubled by a languorous sensuality, these mysterious, elusive and fleeting women captivate without ever descending into vulgarity. Each of her paintings is an example of finesse and suggestion. Full of erudition and eroticism, her elegant, subtle style favours humour, lightness, eccentricity. The bold outlines isolate the characters, the bodies and gestures forming their own space, emphasising the erotic and sexual. Amere loves women who are sometimes ferociously voluptuous, sometimes joyfully sensual, and paints them giving them a great mysterious charm.’

Lulu Amere’s website can be found here.

We would like to thank our Russian friend and contributor Yuri for introducing us to the work of this artist and supplying some of the images.



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