Lulu Amere’s paintings cover a wide range of subjects, though almost always include women who are often naked. Sometimes they are strong and in control, sometimes vulnerable and cautious, but always thought-provoking and often smile-inducing. We can only guess how much some are also autobiographical. We show here a selection of her work; much more can be seen on her website, including her experimental ‘Polaroid’ series and her ‘Zizi’ phallic sculptures.

She includes among her inspirations the fellow artists Jean-Pierre Ceytaire and Juarez Machado, both of whose work can be found elsewhere on this website.

One of Amere’s admirers, Bertrand Scholler of the 55 Bellechasse online art gallery, has written of her work, ‘Lulu Amere is a cautious and modest artist. Her work is rare and delicate. To receive a package with one of her paintings is always a very special and hotly anticipated moment. Beware, the package needs to be undressed with delicate skill; the content is fragile and requires patience. Seeing one of Laure’s watercolours for the first time is a moment of humour and intimacy. She paints with slow delicacy; mostly women, many women, inaccessible women. These women, or rather her women, are sexual fantasies that awaken our most intimate desires without the slightest vulgarity. Amere’s painting is a genuine breath of fresh air in a world seeking itself; it is a total sensuous delight, it hits the bullseye and leaves us with a smile on our face. Her work is an art of seduction – she paints to seduce herself, and thereby to seduce us.’