In July 2020 we wrote to the Texas-based artist Mark Blanton to ask if we could include his work on the website. He replied graciously, ‘Thanks very much for your inquiry and your interest in the drawings. Of course you may display them on your website, but I would rather not provide a profile if that is not a problem for you.’

We put Mark on the to-do list, then a couple of months ago, when in touch with Spanish gallery owner Francis Apers who has sold some of Blanton’s work, we learned that Mark had sadly died later in 2020. Thus this is a tribute to his work and his very individual realistic talent.

We know very little about the artist, except that he lived latterly in Houston and exhibited at the Redbud Arts Center there. He is listed in several places as a cartoonist, but we can find no trace of his work other than the only active archive of his work, which can be found on his DeviantArt page here, and consists consists mostly of detailed colour drawings of mermaids and other sexy females.

If you have other erotic drawings by Mark that you are willing to share, we would be very happy to hear from you.

Example illustration