Mark Blanton’s Satyromania series started to appear online in around 2011, and his website at followed shortly afterwards. In Greek mythology, a satyr is a male nature spirit with ears, tail and hooves resembling those of a horse, little goat horns, and a permanent, exaggerated erection. The modern interpretation of the ancient myth was not lost on Blanton, and he used his photorealistic drawing skills to depict satyrs using said erection to full advantage with a wide variety of beautiful young women.

Unsurprisingly the drawings started to be copied to other websites, and Blanton’s reputation quickly expanded, though there are only so many permutations of sexual union between nymph and satyr that can be achieved without a certain amount of repetition.

Sadly with Mark Blanton’s demise the Satyromania website disappeared from the web, so we are happy to have gathered all the satyr drawings we can find in his memory.