We have done our best to discover more about this talented illustrator who was awarded the 1995 ‘Artist of the Year’ accolade at the Sexual Freedom Awards for her ‘very sensitive drawings’, but very little appears to be known about her. The 2000 catalogue of the Erotic Print Society tells us that she was born and brought up in Buenos Aires, but lived most of her adult life in Europe, including Rome and London.

She regularly contributed drawings which were published in The Erotic Review, and created several sets of prints to the Erotic Print Society’s output, including an Erotic Zodiac and a pack of playing cards. She also worked with Paula Russell on the illustrations to the 2002 manual Sex Play by David Delvin.

As well as being an illustrator she was also a sculptor and designed jewellery.

We believe that she is the same Monica Guevara who died in April 2012, and of whom the Christian Codrai Foundation wrote in appreciation ‘a brilliant psychotherapist and most of all a person deeply committed to the making of a better world’. This epitaph included some of her own words: ‘I try to let my hands – with as little interference with the rational part of my mind as possible – work to express sensations and emotions that belong to me as an individual to us all as human beings’.

If you knew Monica Guevara and can contribute any further information or a photograph of her, do let us know; and if you have any of her other portfolios, including a complete set of the zodiac, we would very much like to add them.


Example illustration