Seiji Kamachi is recognised as one of the foremost contemporary Japanese exponents of copper etching. His detailed miniatures using traditional engraving techniques are much collected, and he has won several prestigious awards in Japan and internationally.

He grew up and trained in Tokyo, where in 1997 he established the Doumu Print Art Studio at Ichigaya, where he creates his own work and also participates in the running of trainings and workshops. As he writes on the Doumu website, which you can find here, ‘I consulted with many people before opening the workshop, and the general opinion was that there no future for a copper engraving workshop in this computer age. Now, however, more than twenty years have passed since the establishment of Doumu, and there are more than sixty members. People of all generations are working hard toward this difficult art of copper engraving. Doumu was created with the hope that it would be a place where beginners and professional artists could gather and have fun, regardless of age or occupation. It is my greatest happiness when as many people as possible can experience the charm of copperplate printing, and thus enrich their lives.’

Seiji Kamachi is a founder member of the Japan Print Association, and he has exhibited his works in international graphic arts and ex libris competitions including in South Korea, China, Poland and the USA.

We would like to thank our Russian friend Yuri for suggesting the inclusion of this artist.


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