Between 1994 and 2006 The Erotic Review and its sister organisation the Erotic Print Society provided talented illustrators with a steady stream of commissions. Chief among these, appearing in most issues, was the prolific and intelligent artist Tom Sargent.

In 2002 the Erotic Print Society published a comprehensive collection of Sargent’s work in an attractive hardback volume entitled Fireside Orgies, including both material which had been published both in the magazine and in Sargent-illustrated volumes of the EPS’s ‘Scarlet Library’ – The Way of a Man with a Maid and The Weekend Visit.

Sargent has a very British style ideally suited to erotic subjects. His women are uniformly buxom, even when they are lightly built, and they and their partners always react enthusiastically to their joint activities. Through all his work runs a streak of very English humour which perfectly matches his observations of the erotic life of the late twentieth century in upper class circles.

Example illustration