Tom Sargent was the artist predominantly featured in The Erotic Review in the manifestation that was current when this volume of his collected work appeared. Fireside Orgies contains some of the material that first appeared in the Review, but presents mostly fresh work. Sargent has a style ideally suited to erotic subjects – being clear and humorous it its portrayal of intimate behaviour in a wide range of very British erotic scenarios, from boarding school and riding stables to tennis court and the formal dinner. The actual fireside orgy scenes are stunning.

A selection of cartoon strips from the Erotic Review demonstrate his ease in illustrating narrative story lines. Although most of the work included is from Sargent’s usual representational style, superb examples of his other styles demonstrate the wide range of his talent.

Here we have only included finished colour work; if you want to see his sketches and cartoon strips you will need to find your own copy of Fireside Orgies.