Here is what Lo Scarabeo, the publisher of the Manara Erotic Tarot, says about this 78-card pack, which reproduces rather randomly-selected Manara images to accompany each card: ‘The acknowledged master of erotic drawing, Milo Manara transports us into a dreamlike yet carnal dimension that sings praises to life itself. In the reconstruction of dreams, stories, desires, nightmares and daily life events, Manara takes us into his well-known sensual universe, above all through his homage to the female body, symbol of the universe. The cards also contain planetary and zodiac symbols as well as those of the four elements, useful for discovering astrological answers.’

We have included this set of (deliberately low-resolution) images partly to demonstrate the breadth of Manara’s artwork, and partly because it is currently about the only work of his currently in print and affordable. The pack, together with full instructions, can be purchased directly from Lo Scarabeo’s website here, or through all the usual retail and online channels. Each card has Italian, French, English, Spanish and German text.