Moi, poupée (Me, The Doll) is the first appearance of the artist known as Beloti, and his only known colour illustrations. The text for Moi, poupée is by the equally-mysterious but competently talented Johannès Gros, an above-standard account of a young girl’s experiences in the Parisian demi-monde of sex and spanking.

The Paris publisher La Musardine published a new edition of Moi, poupée in 2012, with an introduction by the publisher Jean-Jacques Pauvert. In his introduction Pauvert writes ‘In Moi, poupée Gros gives us the best he ever did of the pleasure of dreaming of the lace, the frills, and the dresses raised at the slightest opportunity by a pretty socialite, until we can truly imagine it, which was clearly the author’s primary purpose. No doubt there will be many modern readers who share his fantasy.’

Moi, poupée was published by the prolific clandestine publisher Maurice Duflou ‘A l’Enseigne des Petites Vertus’ (The Imprint of the Small Virtues), in a limited numbered edition of 350 copies.