La matinée libertine, ou les moments bien employés (The Libertine Morning, or Well-employed Moments) is one of many minor erotic works by the prolific eighteenth-century aristrocrat Andréa de Nerciat; it was first published in 1787. As the title suggests, it is the description of a morning spent by a young countess. The story is made up of four dialogues in which frivolity and debauchery are given free rein.

For some unknown reason Trilleau chose not to use his real name for these eight wonderfully light-hearted colour drawings, some of the best from this creative period in French erotic publishing, using instead the pseudonym Jean-Gilles Legendre (the legendary Jean-Gilles?). Sadly, unless the very mediocre 1928 Le doctorat impromptu and 1929 Le libertin de qualité are by him, these appear to be the only illustrations he created in this vein.

La matinée libertine was published in Paris in a limited numbered edition of 196 copies.