Trop d’intérêt (Too Much Interest) is one of several Fameni portfolios on a similar theme, the single young woman coming across a naked man involved in solo sex, who as well as his female voyeur also attracts a group of similarly-naked men. They take a collective fancy to the woman and, cocks a-waggle, chase her through the park before group raping her.

If you look carefully you’ll see that the number of men varies, sometimes four, sometimes five, and in the last plate six. As with Fameni’s orgy sequences, it’s quite an achievement to work out how to draw so many intertwined limbs convincingly.

Clearly group rape, euphemistically often called gang-bang in the porn world, cannot by definition be consensual. Whether the opportunity to create and view portfolios like Fameni’s helps to understand the link between imagination and action, thereby defusing and diverting transgressive desire away from inappropriate behaviour in the real world, is a fascinating debate.