Idylle printanière (Spring Romance) is probably Feodor Rojankovski’s best-known erotic production, as it has been reproduced several times since it was first published in a ribbon-tied portfolio of thirty loose plates plus a title page.

A wordless erotic novel seems an obvious way of creating a narrative which is both international and imaginative, so it seems strange that the format has not been used more often. Here Rojan has done a wonderful job of recreating an erotic encounter in 1930s Paris, from the first glance in the metro station, to the entwinement in the back seat of a taxi, to the undressing and mutual exploration in the hotel room.

No more needs to be said; Rojan’s delicate colour drawings tell us whatever we need to know – or can imagine.

Idylle printanière was produced by Henri Pasquinelli in a numbered limited portfolio in an edition of 516 copies.