In 2005 the London-based Erotic Print Society published one of its last productions, a practical guide to cunnilingus, Masterclass: Going Down. In its catalogue, it describes it like this: ‘Going Down is an informal and beautifully laid out guide to the most important recreational sex act in the human repertoire: cunnilingus. With specially-commissioned drawings brilliantly executed by top-of-the-range artist Lynn Paula Russell, herself a ‘sexpert’ of some standing and thoroughly qualified in the field. Her elegant drawings are works of art that will strike a pleasurable chord in male and female readers alike. Author Ian Cameron guides us through the initial minefields of potential disasters or just plain mediocrity and dullness. He quickly takes us through the basics: anatomy, its physiology and physiological reactions, and then on to his revolutionary new technique which transforms cunnilingus from a sex act into a work of art – tongue talking. This is a radical departure from the normal sex guide, explicit, relaxed and straightforward.’

Lynn Paula Russell’s beautiful drawings, some of the last explicitly sexual artwork she produced, show her at the top of her form both as an artist and as a connoisseur of honest sexual pleasure.

We are very grateful to Talisman Fine Art ( for these original illustrations; some have already been sold (as of April 2021), but several are still available to purchase from Talisman if you are interested.