Vénus dans le cloître, ou la religieuse en chemise (Venus in the Cloister, or the Nun in her Smock) is a 1683 work of erotic fantasy by the fictional Abbé du Prat, a pseudonym for an unknown author who may or may not be either Jean Barrin (1640–1718) or François de Chavigny de la Bretonnière.

The text consists of five dialogues between Sister Agnes and Sister Angelica. It can be considered as sex-training manual, in which the elder nun educates the younger one in matters erotic. Sister Angelica is the older and more experienced nun, who came to the convent at the age of thirteen; she has been a nun for almost seven years before the young and experienced Sister Agnes arrives.

Vénus dans le cloître is another text which lends itself well to an illustrated reissue, in this case by Le Livre du Bibliophile in 1962, a very late date for such an ‘antique’-looking volume. Gandon’s two-colour engravings show him to be a skilled illustrator, a fine judge of breast and female bottom.