‘In these pages,’ writes Royo in the introduction to Volume 3, ‘are the final acts of the work Prohibited, and the definitive lowering of the curtain.’ Volume 3 contains more lesbian fantasy scenes than before, and a short narrative entitled Los Ojos del Unicornio (The Eyes of the Unicorn), during which a naked (apart from her tattoos) woman is seduced by a stony unicorn, who turns out to be a distant relative of the Blue Prince from Volume 2. All very fantastic, and the perfect excuse for classic Royo fantasy art.

For some inexplicable reason, Royo’s publisher Norma chose to frame many of the images in volume 3 with an ugly ragged brown frame, which we have omitted from our scans.

As with the other two volumes, we have only shown here a selection of images from the book; if you want to see them all you will need to locate an increasingly rare copy on the second-hand market.