For more than two decades Sardax has been producing artwork commissioned by a range of private clients, and increasingly over the years by dominatrixes wanting to advertise their services. This portfolio shows a range of commissions from madames including Miki, Jade, Morningstar, Sidonia and Ms Celeste.

Commissions sometimes turn into a series of illustrations on a theme, giving an insight into how Sardax’s imagination can be tickled by the possibilities offered by a particular social or historic setting. Thus we include here a couple of illustrations from his ‘Funfair’ series featuring Joanna Lark, Mistress Elizabeth, Mistress Evilyne and Mistress Elita, and examples from the ‘Weimar’ series, featuring Domina Liza, Lady Lola, Mrs Weltsova and Princess Aurora. Both of these series were the result of commissions from Japanese magazines.

The whole ‘Funfair’ series can be found here, and the ‘Weimar’ series here.