‘The Milking Machine’ is one of Sardax’s wildest fantasies, and maybe not surprisingly one of his most popular, his website followers returning to view it again and again. This series is loosely set within a Russian prison system – a kinky gulag – where the inmates are regularly drained in the most humiliating manner possible.

Although the first of the drawings was made in 2004, the whole series was only brought together in 2016, when Sardax added a story to accompany each of the images. The first is given below, for the rest you will have to visit his blog post here.

Two years later the Japanese magazine Goddess Love commissioned four more illustrations on the same theme; unlike the first series, these featured real dominatrixes, in this case Courtney Morgan, Ria Harpsichord, Lola Ruin and Madame Ingrid.

Here’s the sample narrative:

     ‘Not looking good, is it?’
     ‘I’m sorry Ms Oksana, I really triiiiiiiiiied. Ooof … grunt … grunt.’
     The milk bottle was totally consuming him. At regular five minute intervals the motor started up with a clinical whine which resonated round the efficient metallic wall casings. Then the pump would begin its merciless draining of whatever he had left within his sacs. He had been there now almost three days and couldn’t believe how he’d been transformed into a milk producer out here in this transformed Siberian gulag.
     The milking was broadcast on milkingcam and relayed to the wardens’ station where it could be constantly monitored for output.
     ‘This is only your twelfth time this morning. Why do I give you half an hour’s rest? Just so you can be thinking of pretty flowers and blue skies, huh? It just won’t do. You are wasting all your body fluids on tears. Can you imagine what your body you could have done with that … another few ounces for the milk bottle, eh?’
     Ms Oksana clacked her heels on the steel flooring and circled his features with the tip of her crop – slowly and sadistically.
     ‘Too much sweat, too.’
     She withdrew the crop and pushed the remote control device beneath his eyes. ‘Maybe we need a little extra to squeeze some more out of you!’
     ‘Nooooo. I can’t take it any moooooooooooooooooooooooore!!!!’

Now why is this such a pervasive fantasy that Sardax’s followers like it so much?