The most complete and varied collection of Sardax artwork in book form was published by the Erotic Print Society, one of the last compilations published by the society before its slow demise  The printing was small, and the book quickly became hard to find.

The blurb on the back cover reads ‘British artist Sardax has created a rich and complex universe that, among the aficionados of femdom (female domination), enjoys international renown. For the male of the species, pain is transmuted into pure, masochistic pleasure, while the female is diverted and entertained. With over 75 classic Sardax images beautifully reproduced with accompanying erotic texts, this is a must-have book for any who have devoted their lives to male servitude and a tribute to one of the great illustrators of the genre.’

Here, with the help of experienced Romanian dominatrix – and art collector – Ezada Sinn, we are pleased to be able to share all the images from Sardax’s rich imagination as displayed in The Art of Sardax.

Ezada’s website can be found here, with links to all her links, blog posts and interviews – a fascinating first-hand introduction to the world of contemporary femdom.