Anne was, of course, ashamed to show her naked buttocks to a man, but as a rural girl she had received so much spanking already that she thought it was the habit in Paris. She screamed politely when he continued to slap her. As her bottom took on a brick colour it hurt more and more, but she was determined to try and show that she liked it.

The preface to this volume on Jean Fort’s Collection des Orties Blanches (The White Nettle Collection) explains in the preface that ‘Half-explicit, half-popular, this volume adds a new chapter to our contemporary history of passionate flogging.’ Chambrières de haute école (High School Chambermaids), written by the prolific author René-Michel Desergy (under his own name for a change), recounts the experiences of a group of country girls working as maids in Parisian apartments, and learning the flagellation proclivities of some of their employers.

Léo Fontan’s illustrations, just one of two sets he produced for spanking texts using the Fontana pseudonym, are better quality than many; whether he had any personal interest in the subject matter or was just fulfilling a commission we shall never know.

We are grateful to our Russian friend Yuri for sharing these images with us.