The Seven Deadly Sins (actually eight prints when the title sheet is included) was, apart from a few small drawings in Issues 8 and 9 of The Erotic Print Society Review, Sylvie Jones’ first commissioned work. Appearing in two parts, the combined portfolio when complete, housed in a royal blue cloth-bound portfolio, cost the princely sum of £87.95. But each print was hand-coloured, and as Sylvie later wrote in her Sex Diary, ‘It was a real labour of love, and 4,000 hand colourings later I was extremely relieved that it sold out.’

It has to be said that compared with her later work the drawing is rather crude, and the scenes rather predictable, but given that Sylvie had only recently left art college and can only have been in her early twenties when Seven Deadly Sins was produced, it was nevertheless a success.

The Seven Deadly Sins was published by The Erotic Print Society in a limited numbered edition of 500 copies.